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TABLES TURNED - Sky Sports presenter David Garrido

July 30, 2020 Dan McLaren Season 3 Episode 1
The Social & Sport Podcast
TABLES TURNED - Sky Sports presenter David Garrido
Show Notes

In a 'new' show as part of Social & Sport I wanted to return to something I put together last year. 'Tables Turned' talked to the interviewers about how they do what they do.

In it I spoke with Kait Borsay, Alexandra Legioux, Richard Gillis, Faye Carruthers... and there were a couple I didn't publish which I'll look to do now. Over the next few weeks I'll be publishing a new episode every Thursday, as well as continuing with 'The New Normal' series. 

But firstly I'm delighted to welcome sports broadcaster, event host and podcaster extraordinaire David Garrido

His interviewing career almost ended before it began with what should have been an opportunity of a lifetime with a Spurs legend. Thankfully for David, and for us, he persevered with his dreams, took the lessons from it and landed an amazing role through BBC Talent at BBC Sport in 2001, staying at the broadcaster before moving onto SkySports in 2011.  

We get into how he prepares for big interviews to make sure it looks as effortless as possible. His approach to hosting is so open and engaging that he quickly makes people feel comfortable and is one who tries to make it less of an interview and more of a conversation.

David has some fantastic stories around some of the biggest names in sport from David Beckham to a then-newly crowned F1 World Champion, Jenson Button. His love though is for Spanish football which is his main expertise when it comes to football. This led to him creating the weekly La Liga Lowdown podcast to get the lastest from the league.

I also mention his famous dance moves when celebrating in the Sheffield Wednesday dressing room after their play-off win back in 2016

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